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Homeowners should carefully examine the exterior of their home at least once a year to determine the condition of any painted surfaces. Early detection of problems can prevent damage of wood surfaces and expensive repairs.

Some common exterior paint problems with illustrations from the Paint Quality Institute are as follows:

1. Cracking and flaking – this may be due to poor surface preparation or use of an inferior quality paint that has poor adhesion. Exposed wood should be taken care of before damage becomes costly.





2. Peeling – the loss of one or more layers of paint may be due to moisture that is coming from the roof or walls. Check to see if there is a possible roof or eaves trough leak that needs repair. Another cause once again may be the use of poor quality paint.





3. Chalking – is the formation of a fine powder on the surface of the paint due to weathering. Some surface chalking is fine, but when it becomes excessive the surface should be properly cleaned and painted.





4. Mildew – is characterized by black, grey or brown spots on the paint surface. It is usually found in damp areas or areas with a northern exposure with little sunlight. This problem must be treated with either a bleach solution or a commercially available mildewcide. Mildew will re-appear if painted over in as little as six months or a year so treatment before painting is a must!




5. Fading paint colour – often occurs on surfaces with a sunny southern exposure. It is more common with

poor quality or dark coloured paint.







If you experience any of the above problems with the paint on your home call Limited Edition Painting & Decorating at 519-666-3940 or e-mail robg@LimitedEdition.on.ca. We have the knowledge, staff and products to solve any of the above problems.


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