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Wallpaper removal can be made a lot easier and a lot less frustrating by following a few simple tips.

Usually wallpaper has two layers – a top layer that can be readily separated from the bottom layer glued to the wall. Remove the top layer by finding a seam at the bottom of the paper where you can separate the top from the bottom with a puttyknife. Starting at the bottom corner slowly pull upwards while trying to remove as large a piece of the top layer as possible.
To remove the bottom layer of wallpaper we use a wallpaper removal solution called “DIF” in the liquid form that can be purchased from many paint stores.Other brands of wallpaper removal solution may be equally effective.

Follow the directions on the label for diluting the wallpaper removal solution inwater. We use a garden sprayer to apply the DIF although a bucket and sponge works just as well. Wet down an area of the wallpaper backing with the DIF solution and let it soak in for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure two more times(for a total of 3 applications) before attempting to remove the backing.

Use a dull 3” or 4” stiff drywall knife to scrape off the wet backing paper. Be careful not to damage your walls with the drywall knife during the removal process.

For tough jobs you may want to try renting a steamer. Be careful – steamers arevery hot and you have to be careful not to scald or burn your hands. Steamers can also damage drywall if left on one place too long. If you are having difficulty or you find you are damaging your walls during the removal process – STOP. It may be cheaper to call a professional who has the experience and know how to get the wallpaper off with a minimum of damage and cost, rather than continue yourself, and cause major damage to your walls.

If you intend to paint the walls make sure you wash the walls with a T.S.P.solution to remove any remaining glue. Heavy glue residue can be removed byusing a circular motion with a stiff bristle brush or heavy duty scouring pad and the T.S.P. solution.


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